Fatima Rzayeva
  • Fatima Rzayeva
  • Founder, CEO
  • Narmin Nagizade
  • Marketing manager
  • Nargiz Karimova
  • Content manager
Blogstar.az is a platform that increases the variety of choices by showing different points of views about a subject from different professional bloggers. The aim is to provide the access to Azeri blogs, such as, fashion blog, beauty blogs, lifestyle blogs or travel blogs, for our users. They will be informed about the news and articles immediately. Information about blogs and bloggers which our users can encounter through social media by chance, will be available on this platform. Workshops will be held by professional bloggers for our young and interested users who also want to be a blogger within “BLOGSTAR” project. In addition, our famous photographs will give advices and useful tips about their profession. Users can meet them in meetings and find answers for their questions.