Orkhan Gadirov
  • Orkhan Gadirov
  • Founder
  • Zohrab Mammadov
  • Sales manager
  • Orxan Hacili
  • Logistic manager
Green Baku

Green Baku is the first 100 % Azerbaijani eco friendly brand of stationary. Products of "Green Baku" are made from fully recycled paper and eco-friendly plastic used and recycled in this country. Technological novelty of the idea is that entered new environmental brand to business. Unlike the usual paper, in the preparation of this product, raw materials haven't made up by the expense of damage to trees and nature. As a raw material we use totally recycled paper.

Initially, the range of products includes:

Environmental clean books

Environmentally friendly notebooks



Eco pens

Eco pencils

Eco calendars

Eco stickers

Eco packages

Eco presents and so on.