2009 - İdeya sizdən - dəstək bizdən


Ətraflı məlumat

Gonex is a platform that aids companies to find qualified IT specialists from various fields, and a tool which will help to those who are interested in IT sphere to Gain ONline EXperience. We create projects which help us to identify the best candidates who are your company is looking for in spesific IT aerea. Our mission is to take you to the next level.


  • Leyla Rzazade Leyla Rzazade Project manager
  • Adil Gafarli Adil Gafarli Co-Founder
  • Aydin Gurbanli Aydin Gurbanli Co-Founder
  • Otar Mahmudov Otar Mahmudov Web developer
  • Niyazi Qasimov Niyazi Qasimov Android developer
  • Ulkhan Amiraslanov Ulkhan Amiraslanov IOS developer
  • Mir Jalal Hashimli Mir Jalal Hashimli Web developer