Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

  • What is the Barama Incubation Program?

    The Barama Incubation Program lasts for 6 months and during this time, the program provides mentorship, technical, business and finance consulting and practical training for new entrepreneurs to put their product into use and come to the next stages.

    • access to an innovative office
    • Technical support as high speed internet, unlimited coffee and tea
    • Individual Incubation program
    • Professional consultations in vary fields by Azercell Telecom LLC and PASHA Bank
    • Telecommunication support by Azercell Telecom LLC as Free number and 600 AZN limit
    • Close cooperation with local and foreign mentors
    • Access to Investors, Partners and Business Connections
    • 5000 AZN Value contract between Azercell Telecom LLC and Winner of Final Demoday
  • What happens further after sending the idea?

    After sending, the idea is posted on our database. During the monthly idea verification process, ideas sent to us from our database are removed and evaluated. Information regarding passing or failure is emailed to the sender via email.

  • Who will own the copyright of the idea?

    The copyright of the idea belongs to the person who offered it.

  • What types of ideas can be offered to Barama?

    Barama Center mainly supports and emerges IT projects, Cloud Computing and Business Solutions, Games, IOT, Fintech, Innovative Solutions in Agriculture, Virtual Reality, Enhanced Reality and Artificial Intelligence. However,we accept projects that do not relate to IT, but are socially-oriented with the use of different technologies.

  • Is Barama an Idea Competition?

    Barama is not an idea competition. Our Center is a business incubator that supports creative and innovative ideas and provides them with the company.