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Green Baku

Green Baku


Green Baku is the first 100 % Azerbaijani brand of eco-friendly stationary. Our products are very unique, as Green Baku is the first eco-brand which entered local market. Unlike the ordinary paper, raw materials haven't made up by the expense of damage to trees and nature in the preparation of products. As a raw material, we use only recycled paper. Dimensions and design concept of goods are absolutely custom as they produce in Azerbaijan. Green Baku has 3 main aims for development of start-up:

  • To make unique 100% Azerbaijani brand
  • To develop an idea of recycling in Baku and regions
  • To raise environmental awareness between people

Initially, the range of products includes:

  • Notepads (A4, A5, A6)
  • Albums (A4, A5)
  • Environmentally friendly notebooks (A4, A5)
  • All range of envelopes (diplomat, A4, A5, post)
  • Office paper (A4)
  • Paper Folders
  • Eco calendars (any size)
  • Eco stickers
  • Eco paper bags
  • CD packs
  • Business cards and etc.

You can find more about activities of Green Baku and products via official website